The Narang Foundation

The Narang Foundation specializes in helping student programs in K12 that need a springboard to meet the masses. Through their generous donation, we were able to commission several books focusing on inclusive themes. Please read the spotlight on the Granville Woods book we created as a direct result of their contribution below.



Granville Woods: The Life & Times of an Unprecedented Inventor

Granville T. Woods, was a Black American inventor after the Civil War. He was a talented mechanical and electrical engineer who filed over 40 patents throughout the 19th century. In this book, readers follow Hattie, his young Black assistant, to learn about history, Black Excellence, integrity, and Granville’s genius as readers engage with Zoozil’s Change the StoryTM feature that allows them to determine outcomes.

Will Mr. Woods fight off challenges by Thomas Edison who is trying to claim Granville’s inventions for his own? Or will he accept a job offer from Mr. Edison and give up his own company? Will he sell his patents to white industrialists or try to manufacture his own products? Change the StoryTM and encounter one of the most successful Black inventors and entrepreneurs in history.